Home care,
on your side.
Intercare helps people in and around Sheffield to live independent and fulfilled lives in their own homes for as long as possible.
Our Care Workers are well trained and personally committed to building relationships – it’s the reason they chose to become a Carer. We take care to match people with things in common so they can become friends.
We believe everyone should be able to make the most of every day life regardless of age or ailments. Intercare provides a personal GP led, high quality, integrated home care service to people living across Sheffield.

We provide care at any time to suit you, from 6am to 10pm and we can also provide overnight care.


What does integrated mean?

Quite simply, personal home care is more than just helping with the daily routine. Your care plan will ensure we help you make the most of all the other services which you may use, such as your GP or other NHS services; your friends and family, clubs or meetings, handyman or hairdresser. We will help you co-ordinate wider support based on your personal needs. It’s what we’re trained to do – focus on your health and wellbeing.

Intercare is a Sheffield company, part of the Primary Care Sheffield group, which is owned by all of Sheffield’s GP’s. We have a social purpose; care comes before profit. This is why we start with you, the person.

Intercare is approved by Sheffield City Council to provide home care services and our services are rates being ‘good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We’ll help you make
sense of your care plan…

A care plan should not be a to-do list. We see it as a way to make the most of every day. We will help you plan how best to look after your health, your home, your personal well-being and your links with family and friends. We will be sensitive to your likes and dislikes, such as what you like to be called. Every day is different and we will help you to make the most of every day in whatever way is best for you.

We take good care of our carers,
so they can take good care of you…

The bond between you and your Carers is critical to having a good day. Our team are passionate and professional about your well-being and we take care to match personalities and interests. We work hard to ensure you see familiar and friendly faces on every visit. All our Carers are selected as being people who really care and we invest in their regular training and supervision, including dealing with medication.

Keeping you in charge is our priority…

We want to ensure you feel in control of what we do. We use digital care plans and smartphone technology across all our services; which means you and your family can check the care plan and also see who visited you and who is about to visit you. You are in control of your care at all times.
I’ve been working for Intercare for 6 years now; I had retired as my full-time job was very demanding and not flexible enough for me to support my family and my 2 wonderful granddaughters. I soon became bored at home and with the flexibility on offer from Intercare I have been able to come back to work and still be there for my family. I am really grateful to Intercare for this, and also very happy in my role. I have support from the office when needed and freedom to work with an eclectic group of service users with many different needs; sometimes they just need to see a friendly face; I love my job.

Linda Hague – Care Assistant