Your needs are unique to you.
Let us help you choose
the right care for you.

A tailored care plan is all about you,
with us by your side.

We place great emphasis on regular feedback – it’s easy to let us know how we are doing we learn from what our users and their families think of us.

Our Care Workers are there for you and will only do what you ask them to do. We plan every detail with you, even down to which brand of shampoo you prefer or your favourite TV show. We can assist you with all aspects of personal care, domestic tasks, company and activities along with more complex specialist health-related needs.

We have specialist knowledge and experience in supporting people with a range of mental health issues and physical or learning disabilities and we provide personal end of life care. We can even support you having a holiday!

Build your own tailored package of care; the range of support you want, how long you want it for and when you need it. One of our Care Coordinators will come to see you and help you assess your own needs and preferences. Choosing the right Carer for you is very important and we take great care to match you to people you will get on with. We try to ensure they live near you, so they know your locality and its facilities and can talk about local issues with you. We employ both female and male Carers across all ages, and whilst most are white British, we are proud to be broadening our range of other backgrounds, languages and cultures. Read our CQC reports.

We deliver both self-funded and Sheffield City Council supported care, all individually designed and agreed. We can support you in obtaining financial support – please contact us for more information.

We take the stress out of planning your care.

We will develop a tailored care plan with you and work out costs as we go along, so you can see what your money will buy. We can build a package to meet your budget and help you work out which care tasks are the most important to you. We charge an hourly rate with no hidden charges.

Example care plan

Plan 01
1 hour visit per day

Morning, midday or evening
Services may include:

  • Washing, dressing, a meal
  • Checking and taking medication
  • Sorting other issues or having a chat
  • Housework

Example care plan

Plan 02
2 hour visit per day

Morning, midday or evening

Services may include:

  • Shopping trip
  • Sharing a meal
  • Housework
  • Social activity

Example care plan

Plan 03
3 Hour visit per day

Morning, midday and/or evening

Services may include:

  •  Social activity / walk or trip out
  •  Checking and taking medication
  •  Morning and Bedtime routines
  •  Meal preparation
We have a range of services to
help you make the most of every day.

We will support you with your daily routines and with any new activity. Calls and care visits start from 30 minutes and are not limited to a maximum duration, around the clock care is available if needed either through ‘sleep ins’ or waking nights. To view a small selection of what we can offer and send us your preferences click here, contact us to discuss how Intercare can support your needs.

Our Carers receive specialist training and regular support. We offer services to people living with a wide range of physical and mental health problems and/or disabilities, including personal end of life care. Please speak to one of our Care Coordinators for more information.

Day by day and night by night

Daily personal care and domestic tasks from getting dressed, cooking meals and doing the laundry to more complex support needs such as dementia care and medication management. Anything that helps you to live a more independent life in your own home.

Walk by walk and button by button

Social connection is an essential part of your health and wellbeing. If it’s simple companionship you’re after, then our Care Workers love nothing more than a trip out to the local park or cinema. You might prefer to stay in and watch your favourite TV show or just want a natter over a cup of tea. We can even support you having a holiday!

I cannot thank your staff enough for their excellent care, which was given with dignity and compassion, along with good humour, which lifted my spirits when I was feeling low. I always look forward to your visits