Statement on recent CQC inspection of Intercare North

We have now received the final report from the recent CQC inspection of Intercare North. Unfortunately, despite rating our service as ‘good’ when it comes to being ‘caring’ and ‘responsive’, the Intercare North overall rating has been downgraded to ‘requires improvement’. You can read the full report here.

We are disappointed in the CQC decision because we do not feel that it adequately reflects the quality of the work being done by our incredible team in response to the challenges posed over the last year by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However we take on-board the issues raised in the report and are delivering a robust improvement plan to begin our journey back to ‘good’ and beyond that to ‘outstanding’ care. We will do this, as we always do, by coming together as a team and all playing our part in making the changes where they are necessary.

Please note that this report does not cover Intercare South which retains its ‘Good’ (with some ‘outstanding’ features) rating.